Wild In Nature

About the Wild In Nature website...

This website was created to showcase my nature and wildlife artwork. Capturing Nature -- animals and flowers in their 'wild' environment -- is something I am passionate about. I have spent hundreds of hours traveling, searching, and photographing the wide diversity of Nature -- especially in the Florida Everglades. But getting that great shot of a Everglades Grebe, for example, only achieves half of my objectives. For me, sharing my photographs completes my objectives.

This, then, is the essence of the Wild In Nature website. It allows me to share my art with you. Secondarily, it provides a platform wherein a person can bring the beauty of Nature's animals, landscapes, and flowers into their home or office by purchasing a full-frame, gallery-wrapped print on canvas.

You are invited to browse the website. Enjoy the elegance of Nature -- brought to you by WildInNature.net.

Some details about the website:
  • The website was completely rewritten to accommodate 'mobile' devices -- phones, tablets, etc.
  • The pictures at the top of each page are best viewed using a desktop with monitor or laptop.
  • The website was developed on a monitor with 1440 x 900 resolution.
  • All pictures will 'scale down' to fit mobile screens.
  • For website problems or questions only, contact the Webmaster.
    For all other comments or inquiries, contact George.